Like much of WordPress, Age Gate uses cookies to validate the current user. There are two cookies set by the core plugin;


This cookie is set when a visitor to your website. Depending on your settings it will contain one of the following values:

1 – If you use anonymous Age Gate, it is simply referenced that an Age Gate has been passed. Due to this, anonymous and multiple ages are not compatible with each other.

The persons age – if you are using input fields or dropdowns, the users age with be stored in the cookie. If you are combining input fields with the stepped input feature, possible this value will be out by a year.

The content’s age – if you are using button inputs the real age of the user is never collected, in this instance the age of the first content they see that is restricted is stored. For instance, if the content is set to be 21, that is what is stored.


If users are not rechallenged after failing, a cookie only containing the value 1 will be stored to note they have failed.

By default, all cookies are set to expire at the end of the session, unless;

  • A user has selected “Remember me” in which instance the cookie will be stored for the length of time added in the settings.
  • A developer has altered the cookie lengths via the hooks in the plugin

Note: both the above cookies may be renamed in the advanced settings. If you need to display cookie information to comply with local regulations it is best to check this name is accurate.