I can’t get past the Age Gate / The Age Gate only worked once

The most likely cause for this is caching on your site either via a plugin or your hosting provider. If the Age Gate appears stuck try using the JavaScript mode in the advanced tab and clear any caches.

Can I restrict a particular page?

You can. If you use selected content, a checkbox will appear in content pages

Can I add my own logo/branding?

Of course, it's your site

I’m in X country, can I format the date style?

Yes! DD MM YYYY and MM DD YYYY are supported along with a choice of how the dates are entered.

I use caching, will that be affected?

From version 1.4.0 those using caching can select the "Cache Bypass" option to allow age gating even with caching on. Be sure to empty your cache when making changes to the plugin settings. From 2.0.0 this option is in Advanced -> Use uncachable version