Wordpress Age Gate

Age Gate is a simple to use but customisable plugin to age restrict Wordpress content.

Key features

Customise to fit any site

Age Gate has a number of settings to tailor the look and feel to your site. But if that isn’t giving you the results you want there is the option to add your own CSS from within the plugin.

SEO Friendly

Common bots and crawlers are omitted from age checks

Cache proof

With a vast amount of caching tools available, Age Gate has a JavaScript mode to stop infinite age checks on cached pages.

Restrict the content you want

Choose to restrict an entire site, or selected posts, pages or categories and set a custom age for each area.

Plays well with others

Age Gate works in conjunction with popular extensions such as Yoast and Woocommerce.


Whether you want to add fields to the Age Gate form, or test against previously stored user data, Age Gate utilises the WordPress hook system to allow a huge variety customisations and extensions.

More features in v3

Better taxonomy inheritance

Easier style customisation

Template override from your theme

Improved hooks

Call early to prevent content blips

Add attributes to form elements

Better performance

Multiple customisation options

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Download the latest version or dive into the documentation