Age Gate Regions

You are reading the documentation for Age Gate 2.x. Switch to the documentation for 3.x.

Age Gate regions adds in depth regional data to Age Gate allowing customisable ages on a per region basis.

Importing regions

You can import predefined regions such as Canadian provinces, US States, Countries or – if you use WPML or Polylang – languages from those plugins.

Go to the region admin section
Select the import type, here we show WPML
Choose to replace the current items, or append the new data
Each region as a number of options, such as where to redirect
The text and position on the Age Gate form can also be customised


Option Description
Add region manually Add a new region and enter it's details
Bulk add Select from a predetermined list of Canadian Provinces, US States, Countries or Languages if you have Polylang or WPML installed
Button: Append Append the bulk additions to the pre-existing list (if present)
Button: Replace Replace all regions with the bulk additions
Region name The name displayed in the drop down on the frontend
Region Code
Restriction Age
Redirect on success Set to -1 for forbidden
Set as default
Label text
Placeholder text
Forbidden error