Restriction settings

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Options reference

Option Description
Default age The age a user must be to view the content
Restrict Whether to restrict all content of a custom selection
Varied ages Adds the option to change the age required for the content. Useful if you need to restrict content by different ages e.g. movie trailers
Restrict registration (deprecated) Whether or not to require a date of birth when using the default Wordpress registration form.

This uses the default age setting. If a valid date is provided it is stored in the user meta as u_db (string in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format) and user_dob array format of ['d' => DD, 'm' => MM, 'y' => YYYY] Deprecated in 2.0.3
Validate age using Display type of input fields
Remember Add remember me option
Remember length How long to remember a user for
Auto check remember me Automatically checks the remember me option
Date format DD MM YYYY or MM DD YYYY date format
Ignore logged in Ignores logged in users. Note: JS mode relies on body class name .logged-in
Rechallenge If a user fails the challenge, allow them to retry. Additionally fires if a valid age has passed for one age and the current content has an age of a greater value in varied ages mode.
Redirect failures Can redirect users to a page or website if they fail the challenge.