Working with other plugins

Stored user Date of Birth

Other plugins may hold data about your users, for instance a date of birth. It is possible, if they are logged in, to use this information to check if Age Gate should challenge them.

Let’s assume we have a BuddyPress installation and have captured a users date of birth when they registered, we can then use the age_gate_restricted filter to test their age:

add_filter('age_gate_restricted', 'buddy_press_test', 10, 2);
function buddy_press_test($restrict, $meta){
    // assuming a date format of YYYY-MM-DD
    $dob = xprofile_get_field_data('Date of Birth', get_current_user_id());

      $from = new DateTime($dob);
      $to   = new DateTime('today');
      $age = $from->diff($to)->y;
      return ($meta->age >= $age);

  return $restrict;

This could be applied to custom date from any number of sources.

Note: in JavaScript mode, heavy calls to this filter could result in a delay to showing the challenge.