Age Gate v2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 of Age Gate see various fixes, additions and improvements based of feedback received, here’s a quick rundown;

  • Add custom user agents for bot testing
  • Adds ability for content to inherit restriction setting from taxonomy
  • Adds quick edit and bulk edit options
  • Improves toolbar usage on the front end
  • Fixes an issue in Polylang when not using a URL structure to determine language
  • Fixes missing class for additional content
  • Options for RTEs used in Age Gate settings
  • Adds ability to import/export settings
  • Improves Gutenberg detection

Add custom user agents for bot testing

There are so many bots and test suites popping up that even using libraries we can’t catch them all. There is now the option to add user agents directly to the plugin to bypass the Age Gate

Inheritance and bulk actions

Installing the plugin on a mature website can cause big admin tasks when restricting content. 2.2.0 introduces Taxonomy Inheritance so the children of a category will inherit their restrictions.

Additionally, bulk actions to mass restrict/unrestrict Age Gate content have been added along with a Quick Edit option.

Front end toolbar

After feedback from a few users the toolbar menu on the front end now only shows on a page that could show Age Gate. Rather than a simple menu, it now has the option to toggle the Age Gate on and off. Additionally, this can be disabled entirely in the Advanced options.

Rich Text tabs

Following a request, you can now enable the “Quick tags” on the rich text editor

Adds ability to import/export settings

Settings can now be imported and exported. This is disabled by default but can be enabled in the Advanced settings

Improves Gutenberg detection

The plugin should now detect the use of Gutenberg automatically rather than having to choose the option in Advanced.

Other fixes

Along with these, a number of other fixes have been implemented for this release.