Age Gate 3.0.0

  • Complete rewrite
  • Improved Taxonomy inheritance
  • Removed: Use of admin-ajax in JS mode
  • Removed: Custom CSS editor
  • Removed: jQuery dependencies
  • Changed: Custom editor to support markdown and be stricter
  • Added: Ability to override templates in theme
  • Added: Easily add classes and other attributes
  • Added: Option to load Age Gate earlier in the DOM
  • Various performance and security improvements

Key changes:

The HTML editor has been replaced and not longer allows arbitrary HTML. Shortcodes are still permitted so any really custom content can be applied that way

The custom CSS editor has been removed. Any custom styles are now in the build-it customiser

A raft of under the hood changes that will long term make:

  • Adding features easier
  • Fixing bugs faster
  • Make everything a bit quicker

The official build is slightly less ambitious than some of the early dev builds, so upgrade with care.